Monday, March 18, 2013

62. Medieval Jewelry

A medieval ring (from Post 1)

Based on the stats for this blogge site, all you people are interested in is:

Here are some books about or including Medieval Jewelry:

 Medieval Goldsmith's Work
Isa Belli Barsali

Jewelry From Antiquity to the Present
Clare Phillips

British Rings 800-1914
Charles Oman

61. The Black Death (2)

Some of these are not the greatest books, but here they are anyway:

In The Wake of the Plague
The Black Death and the World It Made
Norman F. Cantor

The Black Death
Tracee De Hahn

De Zwarte Dood
D. Turner

Epidemic! The Black Death
Stephanie True Peters

The Black Death
Philip Ziegler

Saturday, March 2, 2013

60. The Black Death (1)

Books and images:

The Black Death Transformed
Samuel K. Cohn

King Death
The Black Death and its Aftermath in late Medieval England
 Colin Platt
(This book is black with silver and impossible to scan!)

 The Black Death in Tournai

De Pest
De Zwarte Dood in Europa
(The Plague: The Black Death in Europe)
 William Naphy & Andrew Spicer

Plague sufferers and physician

59. More Mediaeval Baebes

Here are some more Mediaeval Baebes Items

- see also POST 20 (link) -

Live DVD
Live at Gloucester Cathedral DVD

 Tour Book c. Worlde's Blysse

 Songs of the Flesh
artsy, erotic photo book

Mediaeval Baebes Songbook v. 1

Tour Book for Temptation

Katharine Blake: Midnight Flower (2007)

Miranda Sex Garden