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27: "Black Death" (film)

Black Death
This is actually not a bad film. Ignore advertisements labelling it "horror". A few minor inaccuracies aside (and what medieval movie doesn't have those?) it is reasonably "correct". Grim, grisly and gory sometimes, like the Middle Ages, still a surprisingly well-acted and good medieval film.

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26: More Medieval Books

Romaans Nederland
(Romanesque Netherlands) 

Graven van Holland
De Boer & Cordfunke
(Counts of Holland
Medieval Monarchs in Word
and Image (880-1580))

King Stephen
Donald Matthew

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25: Medieval Web Site

Dance of Death

Got Medieval?


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24: Crowns and Animals

Hey! You! Why not check out some of the other posts on this Medieval Blogge??

The crown of Margaret of York

Elephant, Unicorn, Lion, Sheep, Boar

Imperial Orb (Globus Cruciger), late 12th century

 Imperial Crown of Otto I (c. 961)

Here's an interesting article about a
coin hoard buried in the 14th century:


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23: The Early Middle Ages (books)

The History of the Franks
 Gregory of Tours 

Medieval European Coinage Vol. I
The Early Middle Ages
Philip Grierson, Mark Blackburn

The Vikings
Howard La Fay

The Viking Saga
 Peter Brent

The World of the Vikings
 O. Madsen

Introduction to Old English
Peter S. Baker

Old English Grammar and Reader
Robert E. Diamond

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

21: Some Films About the Middle Ages

Kingdom of Heaven

The Story of Joan of Arc (a.k.a The Messenger)

The Name of the Rose

The Seventh Seal

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Alexander Nevsky

20: Mediaeval Baebes (discography)


Here follows the
Mediaeval Baebes
Salva Nos (1998) 
This is the original cover.

1. Salva virgo virginum
2. Now Springes The Spray
3. Ah si mon moine
4. Adam Lay Ibounden
5. Foweles in the Frith
6. So treiben wir den Winter aus
7. The Conventry Carol
8. Gaudete
9. An Adult Lullaby
10. Veni, veni
11. Salva Nos
12. Verbum Caro
13. Lo, Here My Heart
14. Binnorie, O Binnorie
15. This Ay Nicht
16. Miri It Is

Worlde's Blysse (1999)
This is the original cover.

1. Kinderly
2. All Turns To Yesterday
3. Love Me Broughte
4. Beatrice
5. Ecci Mundi Gaudium
6. Waylaway
7. Alba
8. When Thy Turuf Is Thy Tour
9. Erthe Upon Erthe
10. Passing Thus Alone
11. La Volta
12. Pearl
13. Swete Sone
14. So Sprecht Das Leben
15. C'est La Fin
16. How Death Comes

For Missmoonlight74.
Promo CD for Worlde's Blysse.
(same number: 0-6700-30142-2-9)

Best Of (1999) 
Nothing new here...for collector fiends only.
Undrentide (2000) 
This is the original cover.  

1. Undrentide
2. Isabella
3. Quan Vey la Lauzeta
4. Besse Bunting
5. E volentieri
6. Cantiga
7. Summerisle (The Maypole Song)
8. Averil
9. Secreit Nicht
10. Now welcom somer
11. Veni coronaberis
12. Omnes gentes plaudite (The Drinking Song)
13. Lanquen li jorn
14. At a springe wel
15. Dance of the Trolls
16. Maiden in the mor lay

17. E volentieri (reprise)
18. Palästinalied

The Rose (2002)

1. I Am Eve
2. Glass Window
3. Slay Me Suddenly
4. The Snake
5. The Circle of the Lustful
6. Laude Novella
7. There Is No Rose Of Swych Virtue
8. Lick The Maypole
9. Razreesh
10. Byrd One Brere
11. Dringo Bell
12. The Rose
13. L'Amour de Moi
14. The Woods And The Rivers Are Silent
15. Spiriti

16. The Sour Grove
17 Blow Northern Wind

Mistletoe & Wine (2003) 
A collection of previously released + new material

1. The Holly And The Ivy
2. Gaudete
3. L'Amour de Moi
4. Salva Nos
5. Glass Window
6. There Is No Rose Of Swych Virtue
7. Kinderly
8. In Dulce Jubilo
9. Love Me Broughte
10. I Am Eve
11. Quan Vey la Lauzeta
12. The Conventry Carol
13. Undrentide
14. Ecce Mundi Gaudium
15. Blow Northern Wind

(Some of these are not the same versions as on the albums!)


Mirabilis (2005)
There are at least 3 different covers for this album...

Mirabilis (2005)

Mirabilis (2005)

1. Star Of The Sea
2. Trovommi Amor
3. Temptasyon
4. San'c fuy belha ni prezada
5. All For Love of One
6. The Lament
7. Musa Venit Carmine
8. Kilmeny
9. Lhiannon Shee
10. Umlahi
11. Cittern Segue
12. Return Of  The Birds
13. Tam Lin
14. Come My Sweet

15. Märk Hur vår Skugga
16. The World Farth As Fantasye
17. Away

The New Testament of Folk compilation (2005)
1 Baebes song:  Backlounge Butterfly 

Live (2006) 
Only available direct from the Baebes

1. I Am Eve
2. Love Me Broughte
3. Ah si mon moine
4. Coventry Carol
5. Undrentide
6. Ecci Mundi Gaudium
7. Glass Window
8. There Is No Rose Of Swych Virtue
9. Miseria Nomine
10. How Death Comes
11. The Sour Grove
12. All For Love of One
13. Return of The Birds
14. Dringo Bell
15. Pearl

16. My Lady Sleeps (studio)
17. As I Lay Upon A Night (studio)

The Virgin Queen soundtrack (2006)

 The Virgin Queen w/ sticker

1. The Virgin Queen
2. The Work of The Lord
3. One Mistress
4. Miseria Nomine
5. A Legacy Of Comfort
6. Essex
7. Lilly White, Comely Queen

(Katharine Blake)
8. La Volta
9. Armada
10. God Breathed
11. I've Come For Her

12. The Queen Lives
13. Remember Me
14. The Tower
15. Glass Words

16. Say It's Not So
17. I'll Be Blunt, Blount
18. Faithful Hearts
19. Gloriana

Illumination (2008)

1. Desert Rose
2. Suscipe Flos Florem
3. The Blacksmiths
4. To The One
5. Miracle
6. I Sing of A Maiden
7. The undivided
8. Ecce Chorus Virginum
9. Mad Song
10. My Lady Sleeps
11. Yonder Lea
12. Till a' The Seas Gang Dry
13. Sunrise
14. La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Limited Edition Only Bonus Tracks:
15. Myrie Songen
16. Swete Jhesu King Of Blisse

Miracle (2008)
3-song single
Miracle (remix)
The Shepherd's Song
Devotion (2010)
1 new song plus alternate versions

The track list on the CD is incorrect
and out of order!
1. Gaudete
2. I Sing Of A MAiden
3. Adam Lay Ibounden
4. Orientus
5. Laude Novella
6. The Coventry Carol
7. Come My Sweet
8. Star Of The Sea
9. Salva Nos
10. Maiden In The Mor Lay
11. Love Me Broughte
12. As I Lay Upon A Night
13. Lo, Here My Heart
14. Temptasyon
16. Dies Irae
(corrected version to follow....)

Temptation (2010)
double live album

Disc 1:

ACT I - Heavenly Delights
1. Undrentide
2. La Volta
3. Salva Nos
4. There Is No Rose Of Swych Virtue
5. Love Me Broughte
6. The Rose
7. My Lady Sleeps
8. The Undivided
9. Pearl
10. Mad Song
11. Blow Northerne Wind

ACT II - World's Blysse
12. Ecci Mundi Gaudium
13. Ah si mon moine
14. Umlahi
15. Return Of The Birds
16. Suscipe Flos Florem
17. Musa Venit Carmine
18. Sunrise

Disc 2:

ACT III - Paradise Lost
1. Dringo Bell
2. Desert Rose
3. The Blacksmiths
4. Tam Lin
5. Trovommi Amor
6. I Am Eve
7. The Sour Grove
8. Bulgarian Horos
9. How Death Comes
10. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
11. The Snake
12. Kinderly

13. Temptasyon
14. Adam Lay Ibounden

The Huntress (2012)
signed copy

Disc I
1. Lenten Ys Come
2. Wynter Wakeneth
3. She Walks In Beauty
4. She Moved through The fayre
5. Under The Willow Tree
6. Cry Of The Garb
7. Cathedral of song
8. Care Away
9. Cruel Sister

Disc II
1. Dianae
2. Queen And Huntress
3. Veni Veni Bella
4. The Rose-Bud
5. Clasp Of A Lion
6. Phantom
7. Jennet's Siong
8. Dies Irae

 The Huntress (2012)
 promo version

There is a bonus CD that comes with
 The Huntress  
(if directly ordered from the Baebes on time) with 2 extra tracks:
Infida's Song 
Timor Mortis Conturbat Me

Of Kings And Angels (2013)
signed copy

1. I Saw Three Ships
2. We Three Kings
3. The Holly and the Ivy
4. Ther is No Rose of Swych Virtue
5. Ding Dong Merrily On High
6. The Angel Gabriel
7. In The Bleak Midwinter
8. Good King Wenceslas
9. Gaudete
10. Once in Royal David's City
11. Veni Veni Emmanuel
12. Away In a Manger
13. In dulce Jubilo
14. The Coventry Carol
15. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
16. Silent Night

17. Corpus Christi Carol


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For more items
and information,
See the
by Miss Moonlight 74
and others:

On another note
Here's an interesting article about a
coin hoard buried in the 14th century:


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19: Some Castles